FOM20S, Wednesday, Movember 8th

* Friday, November 10th is an early closure day
* Remembrance ceremony Friday, Nov 10th @ 11:00
* Complete P 120    1cde   2abe     3cde   4b   5a   9
   A – Mov 3rd       D – Wednesday, Movember 8th
* Reports go out Friday, Movember 17th  
* Receive notes on the tangent ratio
* Discuss “How do I know which ratio to use?”
* Complete Page 107    3ace    4ab    6ab   9a   12
   A – Mov 8th       D – Thursday, Mov 9th
* Complete Trig Sampler
* Start Trig Words Problems – Diagrams ONLY
   Label items, lengths angles and the right angle